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Cignal’s ML-based predictive models' route or filter irrelevant ad opportunities before they are processed, responded to or served. Filtering these irrelevant ad opportunities for programmatic platforms such as demand-side platforms(DSPs), ad exchanges, and sell-side platforms(SSPs), creates a massive increase in margins and an improvement across all industry-standard KPIs.

Real-time features


Clutter detection & exclusion: fraud, header bidding duplications, Non-viewable impressions.


A matrix of ML algorithms learn & decide on supply, demand and behavioral data, delivering focused bidstream with predicted bidding opportunities


Publisher, SSP, DSP ranking and qualification. A platform that's fully customizable and continuously understands your daily work


Most efficient and transparent bidstream that dramatically saves data-costs and boosts performance and ROI

CORE's brainbox

Predictive Opportunities

CORE predicts future behavior by analyzing historical labeled data with cutting-edge algorithms: Random Forest Classifiers, Logistics Regression, Recurrent Deep Learning Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine

Big-Data Clustering

CORE uses unsupervised methods for creating clusters, to effectively reduce noise, and dramatically optimize the bid requests, using Gaussian Mixture Models and Collaborative Filtering

Trend Discovery

CORE uses Multi Armed Bandits to explore behavioral patterns in the supply and demand and identifying new trends in the ecosystem

SSPs and DSP’s - Join Us!

CORE is a robust, real-time machine-learning technology that generates a tailored bidstream across all major cloud data centers. CORE cuts through the market-clutter and smartly connects premium traffic to a constant stream of relevant demand sources.

CORE dramatically saves data-costs and resources, accelerates the performance of buyers and sellers and elevates the market transparency.

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    We develop programmatic solutions to accelerate the performance of digital advertising ecosystems.
    We build solutions that help all industry stakeholders to overcome the flood of data, with intelligent, valuable and relevant insights. was founded by proficient industry experts that fuse innovative programmatic solutions with the latest in cognitive computing.
    With our proprietary technologies, we are committed to elevating the
    quality and transparency of digital advertising around the world.

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